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Fondant: This icing is a smooth yet stiff mixture of corn syrup and gelatin.  This type of icing works very well with flowers, bows or ribbons made of gum paste, or utilizing fresh fruits.  Fondants consistency makes this the icing of choice for brides and bakers.  Its ability to not need refrigeration allows for easy set up at reception halls, outdoor events and viewing of your confectionary masterpiece throughout your event.

Buttercream: Made mostly of butter, this icing has a tendency to melt in warm weather. It is very creamy and sweet and commonly used at your local bakery.

Fresh Whipped Cream: This icing is a very stark white after whipping. It is the most difficult to use for an event as it needs to maintain refrigeration until a few moments prior to serving. Cakes covered by fresh whipped cream are typically decorated with fresh flowers.

Cream Cheese: Similar to Buttercream but softer in texture this icing is made from cream cheese and also has a stark white appearance.


Ganache: Made with fresh cream and chocolate.  This filling has a consistency similar to fudge but is much richer in taste and texture.

Chambord Mousse: This mousse is either white or milk chocolate with a raspberry undertone of flavor.


Gum Paste: Made from a combination of simple kitchen products (gelatin, corn starch and sugar) gum paste allows for incredibly realistic and edible flowers and decorative adornments on your cake. The consistency and components of gum paste will not deteriorate allowing for a wonderful keep sake.

Pulled Sugar: A totally different look then gum paste yet also made from simple products: boiling water, corn syrup and sugar. Flowers, ribbons, bows, animals, etc. that are created with this mixture take on a glass like look and feel.